Kayak Phantom Of The Night Picture Disc

Thursday, May 09, 2019

Calling owners of a "Phantom Of The Night" picture disc!

In 1978, Janus Records (USA) released "Phantom Of The Night" as a picture disc LP. A limited edition of 3000 copies was released. I wonder where all these picture discs are??? Please let me know if you have a copy, and I will put your name on my list of worldwide owners. Thanks!
Here is what I know so far... (latest update: march 3, 2019) (recent additions are in red!)

Nr. ???? Johan Slager, Holland (no outer sleeve)
Nr. ???? Patrick Beijaard, Holland (no outer sleeve)
Nr. ???? Max Demont, Switzerland (unnumbered sleeve)
Nr. ???? Berry v/d Mast, Holland (unnumbered sleeve)
Nr. 0000 Greg Clark, USA
Nr. 0009 Greg Walker, USA
Nr. 0012 Greg Clark, USA
Nr. 0013 Greg Clark, USA
Nr. 0036 'Ruthbrownblues' (eBay nickname)
Nr. 0078 Jeroen Kooistra, Holland
Nr. 0087 Jim Mills, USA
Nr. 0116 Greg Clark, USA
Nr. 0214 Bobby Molaski, USA
Nr. 0227 Per Luthmann, Sweden
Nr. 0244 Max Demont, Switzerland
Nr. 0289 Greg Clark, USA
Nr. 0297 Greg Clark, USA
Nr. 0356 Max Demont, Switzerland
Nr. 0437 Gertjan Stamer, Holland
Nr. 0443 Max Demont, Switzerland
Nr. 0457 Jeroen Kooistra, Holland
Nr. 0543 Pim and Carin Klabbers, Holland
Nr. 0579 Jeroen Kooistra, Holland
Nr. 0594 Jeroen Kooistra, Holland
Nr. 0599 Greg Clark, USA
Nr. 0605 Max Demont, Switzerland
Nr. 0681 Jeroen Kooistra, Holland
Nr. 0783 Max Demont, Switzerland
Nr. 0874 Jan Schilstra, Holland
Nr. 0880 Greg Clark, USA
Nr. 0887 Erik Schepers, Holland
Nr. 0904 Keiichi Yanagawa, Japan
Nr. 0921 Julie Peterson, USA
Nr. 0929 Margreet Nauta, Holland
Nr. 0945 Peter Gubbels, Holland
Nr. 0955 Dan Clark, USA
Nr. 0991 Yasu, Japan
Nr. 1067 Greg Clark, USA
Nr. 1090 Jeroen Kooistra, Holland
Nr. 1098 sold by Stepkat Music (but to whom???)
Nr. 1152 Victor Arkilic, USA 
Nr. 1177 Onno van Marum, Holland
Nr. 1200 Greg Clark, USA
Nr. 1262 Gert-Jan Masurel, Holland
Nr. 1285 Greg Clark, USA 
Nr. 1312 Earl Elgart, USA
Nr. 1328 Earl Elgart, USA
Nr. 1330 Earl Elgart, USA
Nr. 1333 Greg Clark, USA
Nr. 1337 Peter Scherpenzeel, Holland
Nr. 1347 Greg Clark, USA
Nr. 1350 Karl Lutzen, USA
Nr. 1363 Jeroen Kooistra, Holland
Nr. 1373 Mike Jones, England
Nr. 1388 Christophe Perriard, Switzerland
Nr. 1389 Ton Scherpenzeel, Holland
Nr. 1412 Greg Clark, USA
Nr. 1461 Jeroen Kooistra, Holland
Nr. 1478 Dan Clark, USA
Nr. 1486 Woong-Hee Lee, Korea
Nr. 1566 Max Demont, Switzerland
Nr. 1579 Hans Brussee, Holland
Nr. 1583 Rudi Brussee, Holland
Nr. 1587 Greg Clark, USA
Nr. 1594 Rob Los, Holland
Nr. 1611 Dennis, Chicago, USA
Nr. 1712 Greg Clark, USA
Nr. 1713 Jeroen Ras, Holland
Nr. 1721 Arjen te Nijenhuis, Holland
Nr. 1784 Max Demont, Switzerland
Nr. 1794 Jim Coleman, USA
Nr. 1834 Greg Clark, USA
Nr. 1855 Greg Clark, USA
Nr. 1885 'Fallbeil 1955' (eBay nickname), Switzerland
Nr. 1945 Greg Clark, USA
Nr. 1973 Max Demont, Switzerland
Nr. 2010 M. Yamanoue, Japan
Nr. 2055 Bram Owel, Holland
Nr. 2072 Jeroen Ras, Holland
Nr. 2073 Gary Mathews, USA
Nr. 2081 Leonard Serné, Holland
Nr. 2090 Greg Clark, USA
Nr. 2097 Margreet Nauta, Holland
Nr. 2151 Jeroen Kooistra, Holland
Nr. 2173 Margreet Nauta, Holland
Nr. 2175 Pim and Carin Klabbers, Holland
Nr. 2246 Arie de Wit, Holland
Nr. 2260 Bart ???, Holland
Nr. 2282 Douglas Shepard, USA
Nr. 2293 Jinwook Lee, Korea
Nr. 2363 Greg Clark, USA
Nr. 2382 Max Demont, Switzerland
Nr. 2384 Greg Clark, USA
Nr. 2461 Greg Clark, USA
Nr. 2472 Pim and Carin Klabbers, Holland
Nr. 2492 Max Demont, Switzerland
Nr. 2495 Greg Clark, USA
Nr. 2589 Paul Collins, USA
Nr. 2612 Gijs van Rij, Holland
Nr. 2629 Bill Clement, USA
Nr. 2659 Andy Lowell, USA
Nr. 2683 Earl Ergart, USA
Nr. 2687 Earl Ergart, USA
Nr. 2693 Greg Clark, USA
Nr. 2707 Greg Clark, USA
Nr. 2725 Grant Stolle, USA
Nr. 2727 Greg Clark, USA
Nr. 2747 Dries Visser, Holland
Nr. 2772 Harry Gubbels, Holland
Nr. 2821 Jeroen Kooistra, Holland
Nr. 2827 Greg Clark, USA
Nr. 2830 Jeroen Kooistra, Holland (+ letter from Janus)
Nr. 2857 Greg Clark, USA
Nr. 2886 Greg Clark, USA
Nr. 2888 Jeroen Kooistra, Holland
Nr. 2889 Mark Krueger, USA
Nr. 2920 'Insomnia1971' (eBay nickname) , Germany
Nr. 2939 Dave Handyside, USA
Nr. 2984 Martin Daly, Scotland
Nr. 2992 James ...., ???
(Thanks to Greg Clark for tracing the "old list", and to Jim Coleman for the original idea!)

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Fake picture disc on eBay

Recently spotted on eBay: a self-made picture disc, for sale for "almost nothing"...

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Janus support

The Kayak picture disc was a part of a larger promotion campaign by the Janus Record Company, as this feature in Billboard Magazine reveals...

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Unnumbered copies

To add to the confusion, there also seem to be unnumbered outer sleeves. As this picture shows...

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Number 0000 found!!!

Believe it or not: picture disc nr. 0000 has been traced. You would have thought that the series of picture discs would start with nr. 0001, but nr. 0000 was offered for sale at eBay in july 2007. Of course I placed a bid as well, but American Greg Clark was the winner in the end. Congratulations Greg, you own a nice piece of Kayak history!!!
(This picture proves the existence of nr. 0000)
For those of you who are interested: the price was $ 142.50

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Letter from Janus Records

This is the letter that came with some picture discs, apparently. I don't think that the entire pressing of 3000 was given away as a prize, but at least some copies were given to 'winners'.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Johan Slager and his picture disc

March 2006: The one and only Johan Slager joins the list of picture discs with his (unnumbered) copy.